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Sorting passenger vehicles

System description

RVOD is an application which graphically shows the lining up of cars online and on electronic display panels at railway stations.

Lining up of train cars informs the passengers about:

  • location of cars on the train (1st class and 2nd class cars, bed, sleeper seat cars, restaurant etc.),
  • location of the car with a specific car reservation number on the train (seat reservation),
  • location of services on the train (baggage storage, wheelchair spaces, lift platforms),
  • display of seating on the train with seat reservation numbers.

RVOD is available::

  • - a separate application with the possibility to search for lining up of individual cars,
  • links to lining up of trains from the connections found via,
  • print of posters with car line-up on platforms in railway stations,
  • imaging device EZOP in the Prague Main Station,
  • - display of train line-up on the website of Czech Railways.

Product RVOD was developed exclusively according to the specifics of the particular implementation. It is not provided by ordinary users or not provided as demo version.


Czech Railways

Czech Railways

Správa železnic, státní organizace

Správa železnic, státní organizace


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