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Our products

Application for searching in train, bus, air and urban public transport timetables.

IDOS is available on platforms:

PARIS more information

A distributed information and cashier system for support of passenger check-in and provision of services in passenger rail transport.

PARIS offers:

  • passenger check-in at counters,
  • operating activities,
  • administration.

In-karta more information

Internet application for administration of smart cards.

In-karta offers:

  • lifecycle management of cards,
  • reports and statistics,
  • monitoring system of terminal devices.

SOCRET more information

A comprehensive system for creating public transport timetables, especially in urban and suburban transport.

SOCRET offers:

  • modern user interface for timetable construction,
  • information for related systems of the carrier,
  • outputs of the requested type for the needs of keeping the passengers informed and support for the operational and economic management of the carrier or organizer of integrated transport.

INISS more information

System for the provision of voice and visual information services for passengers in train stations, bus stations, urban public transport stops or airports.

INISS offers:

  • information about arrivals, departures or delays,
  • information about the arrival or departure track, position or exit,
  • information about special events in transportation,
  • information about connections,
  • additional information.

eShop ČD more information

E-shop of Czech Railways allows electronic purchase (not only) of tickets.

eShop ČD offers, for example:

  • sales of national tickets,
  • sales of some types of international tickets,
  • sales of seat reservations, sleeper seats and beds,
  • work with the In-karta card.

Other products in our portfolio


Czech National Information System of Timetables.


Reservation system of Czech Railways.


Monitoring of operation of vehicles.


Information system of the establishment.


Performance of metro vehicles.


Universal ticket sales machine.


Mobile ticket sales machine.


Audiovisual information system in vehicles.


System for sales of pre-purchased time restricted tickets for public transportation.


Lining up of passenger transport vehicles.

Connection finder ČD

Czech Railways timetable search.

Science and research

Public Transportation

Realization of project from OP Business and Innovation for Competitiveness.


Project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme


May 18,2020

New version of IDOS

A new version of the IDOS web search engine has been implemented.

Mar 27,2020

Charitable activities

We support charity projects.

Mar 13,2020


Transport measures.

Mar 9,2020


Termination of the old version of the web search engine.

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